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Rebellioneer CRM makes it simple to create campaigns that guide leads through a detailed nurturing process. Triggers help them move in and out of multiple campaigns as they progress toward becoming a customer. Increase your ad spend by having complete control over your nurture campaigns.

Rebellioner CRM is an All-In-One CRM platform that provides you the opportunity to have all the tools, support, and resources you need to succeed with your agency, coaching, or consulting business in one place. Also, it does automatically all the processes needed to capture, nurture and close your leads and transform them into paying customers.

The Rebellioneer CRM email composer allows you to create personalized emails and send them to your subscribers' mailbox. You can schedule specific sending times so that they arrive when they are most likely to open their emails!

To improve email deliverability, you can easily STOP sending emails to subscribers who aren't engaging with your emails.

Payments Integration

There is the ability to use the "Text to pay" option because Rebellioneer CRM is integrated with Stripe and Paypal to collect all your desired payments from your customers. You can easily create a specific link and send it to the customer while sitting back and waiting to receive the payment directly in your account.

Ringless Voicemails

If you want to use also voicemails in your different campaigns, Rebellioneer CRM offers this option. The voicemail composer allows you to pre-record and send personalized messages to your leads. All voicemails are personalized and pre-recorded with the desired voice from your company.

Analytics / Reporting Area

Every business needs to know how each specific ad performs and converts. Bringing so much software into one, combined with thoughtful integrations has allowed marketers to easily track their ad dollars clear to the end where a lead becomes a customer or is lost.

2-Way Multi-Channel Outreach

You could use for your customers: Emails, 2-way SMS, Phone Call, Voicemail, 2-way Facebook Messages, 2-way Google My Business Messages, even Webhooks. You can now select the type of message you want to send (text, email, voicemail) as well as the time you want to send it.

Database SmartLists

When you have uploaded your contacts, SmartLists comes into action, because you could differentiate them and create new lists based on filters, like gender, first name, last name, birth date, email, phone, tags, last updated, etc. And all the filters are dynamically updated, as per adding more details in your saved lists.

Call Tracking & Recording

Call Tracking helps us to monitor how leads find our business when they called a number from our website. Tracking and recording phone calls is critical to monitor and collect data on the calls that are set up in a project in order to obtain metrics on the number of and which calls that bring in leads.

Inbound/Outbound Calling

Using this tool, helps your clients improve their call systems with highly detailed call information. There is the possibility to activate 'Force Call' to instantly speak with New Leads. This means the Rebellioneer CRM is acting as a bridge, it allows our system to instantly call your client's phone and connect them with new leads within seconds.

Funnels & Website Builder

Also, a great feature is the ability to create great websites by pulling up an existing free template and modifying it, or building a website from scratch has never been easier. You can use funnels to achieve initial lead capture goals, mature prospect booking sequences, upsells and downsells, and payments tied to calendar appointments.

Workflow Builder

This new feature has made mapping out and building your clients' automation much more approachable and efficient. It's easy to see exactly what is happening in a visual way. This makes it simple to understand the flow of a funnel. Rebellioneer CRM Workflows will take over from configuring your funnel with 'Triggers' and 'Campaigns'.

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REBELLIONEER CRM has been an incredible contributor to our company’s success. Our entire network of franchisees use the system to its fullest extent — including email, SMS and social media management. This widespread company usage is made possible by REBELLIONEER CRM’s multi-account functionality, a crucial part of REBELLIONEER CRM that allows us to quickly and efficiently set-up new accounts while utilizing existing content. Since implementing REBELLIONEER CRM system-wide in early 2020, our company has achieved record-high revenues.

Tyler Neill, Corporate Manager, Marketing Strategy, BigAir USA

Because of REBELLIONEER CRM, we’ve been able to do all our marketing in one place and better see where prospects go on our website, social and from our emails. This makes it a lot easier for management to see what’s going on and grow our reach. In fact, over the last year we’ve seen a 300% increase in subscribers.

Cameron Murri, Director of Marketing, MDC Vacuum Products

REBELLIONEER CRM has been a great way to run all of our campaigns in one place. We can log in and manage the social profiles for all our 15-20 clients right from there. We schedule posts, see what's going on and can analyze a variety of activities.

Dana Humphrey, President at Whitegate PR Inc.

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