Grow your ecommerce business with marketing automation.

Integrate your ecommerce in minutes

Connect your store with your marketing stack by installing one of VBOUT’s ready-made ecommerce plugins and without touching a line of code. If you have a custom ecommerce engine, your developers can leverage the powerful API library to customize the integration as you see fit.

Monitor all your shopper’s activities

Get in-depth information about your shopper’s activities such as order history, search history or abandoned carts. This allows you to manage and engage with your shopper in a more personalized way.

Run powerful automations

Convert your shoppers throughout their journey by creating powerful automation workflows based on their behavior. Trigger automated messages to convert your cart abandoners, upsell and cross-sell your buyers, reward your loyal customers and re-engage your inactive leads.

Track your KPIs

Use VBOUT’s ecommerce drag-and-drop reporting widgets to visualize the KPIs that matter to you the most and monitor the activity of all your shoppers. This allows you to find out what’s going on and tweak your marketing campaigns accordingly.

Ecommerce features

  • Product feed synchronization⊕
  • Ecommerce-optimized templates⊕
  • Design components⊕
  • Ecommerce merge tags⊕
  • Dynamic content⊕
  • Visual workflow builder⊕
  • Ecommerce triggers⊕
  • Ecommerce actions⊕
  • Built-in email builder⊕
  • SMS messaging⊕
  • Browser push notifications⊕
  • Team notification⊕
  • Ecommerce insights⊕

Ecommerce reporting widgets

  • Top buyers⊕
  • Store sales⊕
  • Sales by country⊕
  • Sales by channel⊕
  • New orders⊕
  • Customer retention⊕

Integrates with thousands of 3rd party apps

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